Single supply subwoofer filter board (RAC-SF1.1)

rackeys rac-sf1.1 subwoofer filter board image rackeys rac-sf1.1 subwoofer filter board solder side image

RAC-SF1.1 is a single supply subwoofer audio filter for driving subwoofer amplifiers; it can be easily connected between any audio source and the amplifier driving subwoofer. Input voltage is single-supply in range of 9v to 18v. The onboard frequency selecton jumpers are provided for selecting the upper cutoff frequency. An onboard phase inversion switch inverts the phase of signals at the output whenever required. The control of output gain is achieveable via an onboard gain control.

rac-sf1.1 subwoofer filter board connections image

Know Your RACKEYS RAC-SF1.1 audio subwoofer filter board

  1. DC input connector (9 to 18 volts).
  2. Subwoofer output to amplifier connector.
  3. Phase inverting switch.
  4. Upper cutoff frequency selection jumpers.
  5. Stereo audio input.
  6. Gain control.
  7. Mounting brackets.
rac-sf1.1 subwoofer filter board frequency selection image

Features of RAC-SF1.1 subwoofer filter

RAC-SF1.1 is a subwoofer audio filter board which is fully plug and play board. It is a wide voltage subwoofer board that accepts voltage ranging from 9 to 18 volts. Audio input jack accepts stereo audio from mobile or any other audio source. Filtered low frequencies are available at sub output jack, that can be connected to any amplifier to drive the subwoofer. The switch for phase invertion can be used to invert the phase of the output audio. The gain control can be used to increase or reduce the gain to a desired level by turning the gain control clockwise or counter clockwise, respectively. Desired upper cuttoff frequency can be selected via shorting the frequency selector jumper with the jumper cap and this facilitates the shifting of the crossover towards the upper or lower frequency band.

  1. Single supply (9v to 18v) input voltage.
  2. Gain control for adjusting the input gain.
  3. Phase inverting switch for 180 degree phase invertion.
  4. Onboard upper cuttoff frequency selection jumpers.
  5. Gain of +20db.
  6. Easy mountable via mounting brackets.
  7. Small size facilitates easy fitting in any enclosure.
  8. Plug and play type, with wired connectors.